Foods to Avoid for Acne (and What to Eat Instead!)
There's no denying that what we eat influences our skin. So if you're using all the right products but your skin doesn't ever seem to clear up, it's probably a good idea to take a look at what you're eating. But how do we know what to eat for the results that we want? Is it really as easy as eating our way to clear skin? Well, yes and no. I know what you’re thinking—what is this article even going to be about? The fact is, there isn't clear research out there that without-a-doubt says "this food contributes to acne!". However, some connections are being looked into to establish a relationship (or the absence of one.)
8 Skincare Tips to keep you Looking Fresh While Traveling
Traveling can be an absolute whirlwind adventure of new places, new people, new experiences and, whether we like it or not, new acne breakouts on our skin. Hopefully, the last one won’t happen to you. Take it from me, an avid digital nomad who is always on the go – these 8 tips are my secret go-to’s for keeping my skin healthy while I’m exploring all kinds of climates, smoggy cities or unknown places around the globe. They’re simple fixes that don’t require a whole suitcase full of cosmetics or even a 5 step skin-care routine. Follow these suggestions and your skin will hopefully stay glowing throughout all your travels to come.