About AcnEase & What We Believe

Our mission is to bring the healing power of plants to the mainstream of medicinal science. Our all-natural AcnEase provides a choice to those consumers and medical professional that seek new, science-and-nature based treatment alternatives for selected diseases and health problems.


We develop and market botanical therapeutics ® that represent a new category of medicinal products based on all natural, herbal ingredients, and focused on treatment and prevention of health concerns that are not satisfactorily addressed by Western medicine.

Our herbal medicines have been clinically tested and proven to be safe and efficacious. We develop our botanical therapeutics by identifying natural cures with experiential or scientific support data and subsequently use clinical studies to confirm their utility and safety.

Finally we supply these products to our customers in user-friendly formulations and support each product with information necessary to understand both the disease and our products' approach to treatment. We use our decades of experience in China to identify medicinal candidates developed in China using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) supported by thousands of years of medical history. The second step involves applying rigorous Western science qualifications and testing procedures to transform these TCMs into the highest quality botanical therapeutics available. We manufacture our products in the US to the highest standards for botanical drugs. Our products do not contain any chemicals or Western drugs, only all natural ingredients.

We're focused on creating an organization where our staff and collaborators, including research scientists, clinicians, partners, and associates form a complimentary Team of experts in their fields.

A great organization of individuals.

The individual strengths and commitment of our Team members provide the highest core competencies in their respective field of endeavor and this unique combination of skill sets make us a "one of a kind" leader in the field of Botanical Therapeutics.


Our identity comes from the pursuit of excellence - our organization's purpose and adherence to our values. As a company we are focused on delivering to our customers the most efficacious, and safe herbal medicines that address their medical needs. It is this unique blend and combination of expertise and products that sets us apart from nutraceutical (definition) companies. It is our commitment to the best products with the best supporting content for our customers that establish our unique identity.


Our key value - Provide our customers with the best alternative choice in meeting their healthcare needs. We strive to make a difference through our commitment to excellence and passion in developing medicinal alternatives based on science, education, integrity and personal compassion. These are not only ideals to which we aspire; they are standards for action and requirements for our behavior.

A commitment to excellence

Our values guide the way we conduct business and are the basis for every decision we make. Excellence is one of our values. Our approach is rigorous, focused and creative. We expect to succeed only if our clients are satisfied. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and remain true to our values.

Sound treatments based on clinical research

We commit to provide the best-of-breed solutions and treatments using available research and clinical experience that offer new opportunities in all natural herbal-based medicine.


We recognize that a community's collective intelligence and capabilities surpass not only the intelligence and power of each individual but also the sum of the individuals' competencies. Our goal is to share that communal knowledge wherever possible to a mutual company-client benefit.

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"I have tried just about every acne medication on the market. It has been a month now since I started using AcnEase. Now, I can go outside in the daylight and not feel like everyone is looking at my acne. There are no words that I can use to tell you how much I thank you for creating this wonderful product." Katie, 29

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