“Reverse Contouring”: The best method for a natural look
Contouring is a technique that has long been hailed as the makeup technique to use if you want a more defined chiseled look. So why opt for reverse contouring and what is the difference between the two? More and more people are beginning to realize they can achieve a chiseled look while maintaining the natural feel with reverse contouring. With both reverse and regular contouring techniques, at least two shades of foundation are required.
I want to stop taking the contraceptive pill, will AcnEase help to decrease new acne breakouts?
When you stop taking the contraceptive pill, you will create or increase a hormonal change and often at least temporary hormonal imbalance. This is due to taking away the oral contraceptive  (a foreign agent so to speak) from your body and leaving your body with a need to adjust to this change... Oral contraceptive is a hormonal medicine and affects your hormonal balance not only when you take it but also for a while after you stop.