Looking for the next Magic SKIN Potion: Pumpkin Seed Oil

There are many skin potions which people feel may help different skin conditions like acne, dry skin, age or sun spots even wrinkles

But a potion you can eat and cook with, enjoy as a great gourmet addition to your table while at the same time getting your body, bones, and skin healthier…. Can it be the same potion can be used as a skincare addition ? Is this real? Yes- .

Chin Acne??? Why do I get them and how to get rid of them

Do you know the feeling? It looks like a normal night but…. In the morning…… the mirror tells you a different story. Where was a clear skin now-there are breakouts, zits, pimples…. In short–you just woke up to chin acne! So why do we get them and how to get rid of them?

Suffering From Adult Acne? You May Have Medical Conditions Causing Your Skin Outbreaks

You are 25 years old, or older. Your teen years are behind you - but your skin seems to not know. Opposite - your acne breakouts are getting more severe and more persistent…

Or perhaps you did not suffer from acne as a teen and now at the age of 35 your skin shows very troubling signs of adult acne.

What may be responsible for this condition?

Why Retinol is Good For Your Skin

With the arrival of Fall, days are shorter, sun exposure usually a little (or a lot !) less and longer afternoons and evenings create the perfect opportunity to dedicate a bit more time to our skin health and skincare. It is also a great time to introduce changes in your skincare routine because believe it or not but, over time, your skin “gets bored” with same products resulting in a diminished response. Therefore, Fall is the perfect time for introducing or adding new products to your routine.

June is Acne Awareness Month-Do Not Fall Into Acne Myths Trap

Acne is a manifestation of an internal imbalance and a result of over production of oil (sebum) by your sebaceous glands. As a result – any real treatment for acne needs to involve returning the sebaceous glands to “normal” production of sebum (skin oil). If skin glands produce too much sebum – it will clog pores, attract dirt and finally attract bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) to initiate the acne cascade.

Summer Skin, Hydration and Why We MUST Supply Our Bodies With H2O

90% of our body is… water. Our blood is 90% composed of water. Water moves around oxygen and nutrients that every cell in our body needs. Water helps to form urine and flush out the waste from our bodies. In addition, it lubricates our joints, regulates our body temperature, normalizes blood pressure, prevents wrinkles….. enough? These are just some benefits of water.

Why Retinol is Good For Your Skin

Retinol is one of the best-known skin care ingredients on the market. It is also often very misunderstood. Retinods (also called Vitamin A derivatives) really represent an umbrella name for a group of products containing retinol- a molecule that is found in the natural vegetal world. Lipophilic, once ingested it is stored in the liver and in the skin. Retinol is used by dermatologists to correct many skin problem such as the signs of ageing, wrinkles, inhomogeneous complexion and pigmentation disorders, even acne and acne scars.

Makeup Guide for Post Acne and Oil Skin

If you are like many other people, you assume your makeup regimen is going to help you cover up those problem areas and acne-prone regions of the skin. The problem is makeup products do not treat the underlying condition. That is why it is often beneficial to seek out natural based products that can treat your acne and then follow a few simple tips and tricks for minimizing damage to your skin from your makeup regimen.

Post Acne Skin Care with Natural Ingredients

Acne affects approximately 40 to 50 million people in the United States alone. This condition is quite common in people who fall in the adolescent age bracket. However, it can also affect adults and a few in the puberty stages. Again, the condition is quite common but one that can cause discomfort and low self-esteem.

Can Vitamins Help Treat Acne?

You know the saying beauty starts from with in? This is not just a reference on morals but a very practical observation about the health of your skin. What we put in our bodies effects how we look, and there are a number of essential vitamins that do wonders for the skin. HOWEVER, they do not TREAT acne.

Celebrity Makeup Tips for Covering Acne

Kendra Richards, professional makeup artist, whose work has been seen in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and InStyle to advertisers Olay and Paul Mitchell and Target to name a few and counts among her client Cindy Crawford, Hilary Duff, Anna Paquin or Justin Timberlake has this to say about making acne pimples as invisible as possible.

Emergency Tips For Last-Minute Zits

From the change in seasons to the change in schedules, form the hormonal imbalance to the imbalanced diet all those factors may play havoc with your skin and exasperate acne breakouts.

Here are some of my recommended quick fixes to make facial acne look non-existent (while waiting for the more sustained effects following your AcnEase treatment).

Get Rid of Causes of Acne and Make this Zit Disappear For Good

Nothing can be more frustrating and exasperating than a chronic acne problem. Acne is one of such a potential chronic issue that if not addressed properly may become a long term emotional and physical challenge, and even lead to acne scars and marks that can change your skin for life.

How to Moisturize and De-Age Your Skin

Any time of the year ( Hot, cold or in between) , for any type of skin ( oily, dry, old or young) moisturizing is one of the foundations of proper skincare. This is especially important after drying sun exposure or after winter spent in dry, air heated spaces. The problem is, that as the proverb says, “All that glitters is not gold”.

How to Get the Best Results from using AcnEase Treatment

So now You ordered the right AcnEase Regimen and you've just received your customized monthly treatment pack.

What do you do next? How do you make your efforts, your money and AcnEase work the best for YOU?

Estrogen 101: How this women’s hormone may affect your skin... Other parts of your body

In our previous articles ( links) we talked about the nature of steroids and testosterone. Today , we focus on the specific female hormone – estrogen. The effect of estrogen is to moderate or regulate the growth and function of several organs in the body, mainly the uterus and breast but also the skin that is indeed the largest organ in the body.

Summer makeup tips for acne-prone and every skin

Summer is beach and barbecues, traveling and lazy evenings by the pool. It is also heat, humidity or dryness, sweating and extra acne breakouts. https://www.acnease.com/acne-treatment-system/ In addition- the choice between melting foundation and smeared eyeliner and showing the world your teenage acne scars may not always be the easiest task to tackle. So here are a few summer makeup tips that will help you to avoid extra acne breakouts and leaving you fresh and confident on those sweaty and hot days.

Can the hot weather affect your skin?

Skincare Tips for Hot Weather.  Major rules for healthy skincare in hot weather

  1. WEAR SUN PROTECTION - Hot conditions in most situations means Sun and SUN means the need to protect your skin with the products providing at least 25 SPF. This applies to every complexion color and type. Oily and dry, light and dark, young and old. Look for non-comedogenic products without oils, possibly broad spectrum and sustainable when you sweat or swim.
Can Testosterone Be Causing Your Acne?

Dr Vaswani who has recently joined Herborium and AcnEase Team is Board Certified Endocrinology and Metabolism Expert as well as Board certified in Clinical Nutrition. He completed his fellowship training at Yale University and was a research scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratories for two decades.  He has a clinical practice in Garden City, New York where he specializes in hormonal and metabolic disorders.

Things you should know about cholesterol, your health and your skin health

Dr Vaswani who has recently joined Herborium and AcnEase Team is Board Certified Endocrinology and Metabolism Expert as well as Board certified in Clinical Nutrition. He completed his fellowship training at Yale University and was a research scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratories for two decades. 

Summer Travel and Acne: What You Need to Know

Masks are starting to come off, places are opening back up, and summertime is in session– that means one thing: it’s time for vacation! But for those of us with a face full of pimples, we may not know how to properly care for our skin while on the go.

How to feel good from the inside-out this summer

At long last, it’s here! The days are long, the sun is burning high in the sky, and temperatures are soaring. After what felt like a never-ending winter, it’s wonderful to be outside again. Everybody deserves to enjoy the summer. But for some, it’s an extra challenging part of the year. Long summer days mean wearing greasy sunscreen, spending longer hours away from the house, and, now, sweating underneath a mask.

General Skincare Tips For Adults

We all want flawless, glowing skin, but figuring out to achieve it can be hard, thanks to the endless skincare advice out there on the internet. If you want to achieve healthy, radiant skin without an intensive skincare routine, you can still pamper yourself by sticking to the basics. Here are the nine skincare tips that cover all the bases.

Makeup Mistakes that Cause Acne

So you’re an acne sufferer AND a makeup addict? Oh boy! Don’t worry, we get the story. It’s normal to envy those lucky few who can deluge their faces in primers, sprays and goops, with zero pimple consequences (AT ALL!!!), while we sadly aren’t blessed with these powers of makeup invisibility. For us, dolling up is a Catch-22… because our favorite beauty besties are also our worst beauty enemies. The more we cover up and contour away our flaws, the more awful our next breakout will be. Call that a fair tradeoff? Hellza no... and pass!

Fight All your Skin Concerns with 3D Rejuvel Ageless Infinity

Acne is often thought of as something that only happens in our teens. In reality, those painful pimples can sneak up on us at any point in our lives. It can be overwhelming trying to treat it, too. Especially when we experience more than just breakouts. When you throw skin discoloration, wrinkles, and uneven texture into the mix, it gets even more complicated.

It’s important to understand the root cause of acne in the first place. When our hormones aren’t functioning the way they should, they directly affect sebum (also known as oil) production. An overabundance of oil shows up in our pores and leads straight to acne, resulting in pimples and even sometimes painful cysts.

9 Tips to PREVENT Mask Acne (maskne)

Masks play an important role in protecting you and others against infection with the Covid-19 virus. At the same time wearing a mask can be hard on your skin

As we discussed in the previous article regarding "maskne". Mask acne is the name given to a group of skin problems associated with wearing facial coverings and facial masks. There are 4 major conditions usually listed under the "umbrella" term of Mask Acne:

“Maskne”- Truth or False? Why I Get Them and How to Treat Them

Unfortunately, even masks are an important weapon against getting sick with Covid -19 and also a common cold, they also cause a side effect -a condition known as “maskne” (mask acne). 

For Mother's Only! Signs that Your Teen Needs an Acne Treatment

Not every pimple is acne. Pimples may be allergic hives, bites or even heat rash...just to name a few. So as a mother, how do you know it's time to seriously search for a safe and effective acne treatment for your fast growing teen? 

And Why should we really care about a few pimples? They should go away on their own when our teen gets our of puberty…. TESTIMONIALS

Wrong - first the average age of the acne sufferer in the US today is 26 years old. At this time we are NOT taking about  teen acne but adult hormonal acne. The average length of adult hormonal acne is … 11 years… ACNE GUIDE

How do I get rid of my blackheads and whiteheads?

White heads and black heads are collectively known as comedones. Blackheads and white heads are both filled with sebum and dead skin cells, creating the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. The difference between blackheads and whiteheads is the oxidation of melanin (the pigment in skin) which mixes with the trapped sebum in the pores and turns black.  

Practical tips that help keeping acne under control

Quick and strenuous exercises are all the rage right now, but these types of exercises, along with too many hours spent in the gym or on the track, may not be the best option for those with acne. Instead, if you have acne-prone skin, you'll do better with moderate exercise as part of a healthy, less stressful lifestyle.

Fall Skincare Tips for Acne

This is a really exciting time of year for many - it’s the season of pumpkin spice and the lead up to the holiday period. However, as the temperatures begin to drop, it’s important to keep good skin habits for clear skin - the thing is, they might not necessarily be the same things as we’d do in the summer.

In the summer, skin tends to be oilier as the weather is much more humid and not as cold. Adapting your skincare routine to colder, wetter weather ensures your skin stays clear all year round - these six fall skincare tips will help your skin all autumn long, and as well prepare your skin for your winter routine.

4 Easy Steps In Natural Skin Regime

As we love summer - summer often does NOT love our skin.

Fresh air and fresh fruits are certainly good for us but the healthiest sun-kissed look really comes from the bottle not the beach.

Acne prone skin is not an exception and requires a special attention by the end of the summer and in the Fall since summer sun , salty water and outdoor fun may actually require you to apply extra moisture to your skin WITHOUT clogging your pores and exasperating your acne symptoms.