Suffering from Chronic Acne? Here’s a guide for the before and after treatment of chronic acne

More than 80% of Americans between the ages of 11 and 24 experience some of form of acne. For some the acne begins at puberty and ends shortly after. While for others this becomes a lifelong struggle that persists for many years. If your acne has persisted for longer than 2 years, then the odds are you are suffering from chronic acne as opposed to acute acne. Acute acne is the infrequent acne that shows up occasionally as a result of environmental factors, diet, or a brief hormonal surge. These surface symptoms can be easily treated with masks, streamers, etc. Though, acute acne and chronic acne may be caused by different factors, the way they form is the same in both cases.

AcnEase: The Real Answer to Your Acne Problem!
At some point in our lives, most of us will experience some form of acne. For some it is a phase that only lasts briefly during puberty. While for others it becomes a lifelong battle to achieve healthy clear skin. There are many reasons affecting the development of acne, but the underlining cause for those suffering from chronic acne tends to be a genetic predisposition. There are numerous claims out there that promise to permanently treat your acne using topical products, but most people soon come to realize the falsity of these promises. As these atopic products may only temporarily decrease the symptoms and not the cause of acne breakouts, the acne always returns either gradually or with a vengeance.
Isotretinoin (brand name Accutane), the most dangerous acne treatment exposed

Adult acne can be quite embarrassing and it makes us self-conscious in social gatherings. Hence, we are often willing to do anything to get rid of these facial blemishes. Men in general are a lot more willing to try pills gotten online or recommended by their dermatologists without reviewing the risk factors. This is because while a woman can hide her acne behind foundation and makeup, most men are unwilling to do this as they see makeup as the feminine. Accutane the most commonly recommended drug by dermatologists to treat acne was pulled off the market due to adverse side effects and is a subject of Class action Suite.

How do you know when your foundation is harmful to your skin?
Foundation, considered one of the most important steps in most women’s makeup routine can cause or exacerbate pre-existing skin conditions such as acne. Even people who are not prone to acne usually use some form of foundation. This is because it creates a smooth, flawless (or less flawed) appearance. It creates a smooth, solid unified canvass on which we create our masterpieces or for some just the lighter finishes to highlight their features.