What type of acne pimples do I have?
Have you ever wondered what type of acne you have and how they are formed? Before we go further, let us first discuss what acne is and what causes acne. There are two classes of acne; acute and chronic acne. Although they both present the same surface symptoms and are formed the same way, the underlining cause is different for these two classes of acne. 
How to treat your acne in 2019
Amongst the eat healthier, exercise more, volunteer more resolutions, there would be a number of people who finally decide to join the “go to natural” movement this new year 2019. The reason for this is that more and more people are beginning to realize natural remedies/products are just as effective as chemical products. Plus there is the added benefit of minimal to no side effects and more synergistic interaction with your internal functions to produce better sustainable results. As such the use of natural skin care products/remedies for the treatment of acne is on the rise.