Adult acne-prone

As a teenager struggling with acne, you couldn’t wait for adulthood to help get rid of it because all the creams and potions you used were not effective. But you are all grown now and sadly the “adulthood medication” didn’t work for you—you’re still at war with Acne, but it’s better now because you can afford more expensive solutions but yet again, they still aren’t effective and the dream of unblemished glass skin is still as far as it once was.

Between having a family, working, keeping up with family and friends (and surviving the awful traffic), you still haven’t figured out your skin. You’ve gone from antibiotics, lotions and creams to facials, herbal teas and even prayer. To make matters worse, you also have relics from your darker past (acne marks). We see you; we understand your struggle and guilt. You barely even remember to drink water at times, talk more of any daily 10-step skincare routines.

Acne and pimples. Something that is feared and loathed. Many treatments help lessen the impact of acne over time, and help the skin renew itself for acne-free skin. The acne and pimples of yesterday, may leave reminders of the pimply past today. The war on acne may be over, but the scar may be left after battle. So what does one do to combat a future without possible acne scarring?
Is it Bad to Cover Acne With Makeup

What’s the right way to cover zits with makeup? Covering up any pimples with the most full coverage foundation and concealer is the knee-jerk reaction for most of us, right? I mean, covering them up just makes them look like they’re not there anymore…

Or, at least that’s what the effect is supposed to be. In reality, it can often look very obvious when someone is trying—and failing—to cover up acne. Luckily, there is a right way to cover up acne with makeup!

However, makeup and acne are a combination that needs to be taken seriously—trying to cover up acne with makeup could be making it worse in some cases. Called acne cosmetica by skin care professionals, it usually manifests as smaller pimples in specific areas of the face. For example, pimples around the lip area could be signs of the lipstick being the culprit.