Controlling Rosacea in Your Everyday Activities

For Rosacea sufferers the redness or blush can be made worse by the following stimuli: heat, exercise, stress, alcohol consumption, spicy foods, coffee, tea and chocolate. All these stimuli can aggravate the underlying condition caused by internal heat.

Stress and other emotions can certainly cause flare-ups. In Traditional Chinese Medicine intense emotions can lead to the uneven circulation of Qi and blood, this lack of flow leads to accumulation of heat. Techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises, cutting out caffeine, eating healthy food regularly and getting plenty of sleep will all help to reduce stress.

In hot or cold weather and with exposure to sun or wind the skin should be protected. A moisturizer should be used daily to prevent the skin from drying out. With exposure to sun always protect the face with sun lotion and a hat.

With exercise avoid heavy exertion that causes overheating. As an alternative to strenuous exercise try yoga or tai'chi. Try also to avoid hot baths and saunas or any steaming of the face all of which can aggravate rosacea.

Try to eliminate hot spices from your diet, which are common triggers and reduce hot drinks especially those containing caffeine. Different foods may set off reactions in individuals so be aware of any foods consumed, which seem to correspond to a worsening of the condition.