Home made herbal fixes for oily and dry skin problems.

The following recipe makes a great nourishing and softening facial. Mix together a tablespoon of oatmeal and almond meal (You can get all needed ingredients for this simple mask in any health store). Add one or two tablespoon of the rose water, elderflower water and nettle water, (enough to make a thick paste) and gently pat onto the face and neck. Allow drying for at least 15 minutes. Wash off with tepid water using cotton or a flannel cloth. The oatmeal creates a silken effect on the skin.

A Simple Herbal Steam Facial for Oily Skin.

Steaming is very good for oily skin as it diminishes the external grease and deeply cleanses the clogged pores. It also allows the black heads and whiteheads to be pushed out easily and therefore avoid pimples.

Boil a pint of water and pour over two tablespoons of any one of the following herbs: Chamomile, or Yarrow, or Lady's Mantle, or Nettle, or Fennel. Cover the bowl and your head with a towel, keeping your face away from hot water about 15 inches and allow the steam to penetrate into your skin for 10 minutes. Be careful not to put your face too close to the hot water so you do not burn your self. If the steam is too hot raise the towel to allow a cool air in. At the end of the facial your pores should be wide open so circling them with clean cotton pad or tissue you can push out any blackheads. Do not touch the blackheads with your hands. Close your pores with the following astringent.

Herbal Astringent.

There are many herbs with astringent qualities but chamomile is especially good as it has antiseptic qualities. If your face is oily you can add yarrow and chamomile combined. Another alternative for astringent is sage, which is cooling and soothing to the skin.

To make a simple astringent, pour a pint of hot water over two tablespoons of herbs and allow standing for 15-20 minutes. Strain off the herbs, bottle and keep the infusion in the refrigerator. Use as your herbal astringent tonic after you clean your face each day. The infusion can last indefinitely under cold conditions.

A Rich Moisturizing Night Cream For Dry Skin

This cream is soothing and fragrant. Both almond and sunflower oil have a moisturizing, softening action on the skin. Almond oil also has a reputation as a cleanser. The lavender oil is soothing.

Melt the lanolin in a small bowl over a pan of hot water. Add the sunflower and almond oils and beat together. Remove from the heat and continue beating as the mixture thickens then stir in the oil of lavender. Pour into a sterile pot and screw on the lid when the cream is cold.