Rejuvel line is all natural highly advanced skin cell repairing treatment line. Patented stem cell technology uses green tea cells (the richest antioxidant available) to help the skin to rebuilt it-self. Effects are felt as soon as after the first use and are visible as soon as after 7 days

The products in the line are complementary to each other and provide number of very important improvements effects such as: 

  • Helping to repair acne skars
  • Removing acne marks
  • Removing and preventing skin discoloration due to blemishes, sun overexposure and other skin problems
  • Feeding the skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants
  • Providing instantaneous improvement of skin suppleness and brightness
  • Repairing and preventing wrinkles and skin aging
  • Repairing eye puffiness and wrinkles

The formulas accelerate the skin natural ability to regenerate itself and promote the growth of new, young, plump and healthy skin cells. With correct use acne scars and marks will fade, wrinkles lose their depth and length, oily, dry normal and even sensitive skin regains its tone and clarity and  skin around eyes will regain its smooth look. The products are effective for all types of skin including acne prone skin and those wishing to address and correct skin aging.

Skin is besides the liver THE ONLY HUMAN ORGAN THAT CAN REJUVENATE ITSELF. Through stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells Rejuvel supports and accelerates the skin turnover.

3D Rejuvel Infinity is natural, does not

contain heavy oils, fragrance, parabens or any harsh chemicals or preservatives, and is proven non-comedogenic . It is recommended for both women and men alike;

In addition to rejuvenating the skin it works great as make-up base and razor bumps preventing aftershave cream

Two Steps to Love Your Skin Again

2 Steps to Love Your Skin Again

Skin Rejuvenating and Antiaging Regimen

Green tea all natural stem cells grown in non gravity condition supported by all natural vitamin C form rose hips and natural humectants (moisturizers) help to eliminate dark spots, discolorations and acne scars and marks. 3D Future Serum and Natural Retinol Science regenerate acne or age depleted skin, reverse aging process, prevent and diminish wrinkles and plumps the skin promoting smooth and fresh complexion without clogging oils. Suitable for oily and normal skin; acne and post acne skin and combination (oily/normal) mature skin.


  • After cleansing with mild cleanser Apply 3 D Brightening Serum (pump 2-3 pumps) smooth over face, neck and decolte paying special attention to places with skin imperfections. Light tingling may occur. Avoid eye area
  • Wait at least 30 secs and follow with 2-3 pumps of 3D Future Serum and Moisturizer smooth in upward movements over the face, neck and decolte.


  • After Cleansing Apply Retinol Night all over the face including the eye area, neck and decolte . Pump 2-4 pumps as needed; warm in your palm and press to the skin covering all desire area.
  • Wait at least 30 secs and follow up with 2-3 pumps of 3D Future Serum smooth in upward movements over the face, neck and decolte.