Special Summer Skin Tip : Skin Juice Tonics

During the warm summer months when fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant we should enjoy the benefits from all the goodness of fresh juices.

Freshly squeezed fruit juices cleanse and nourish the skin from with in. They are rich in nutritious vitamins and minerals that are readily absorbed and revive skin as well as provide additional energy. Always try to choose organic fruits and vegetables where possible and drink the juice immediately after making.

Carrot and Pineapple Skin Juicer

This brilliant coloured juice is full of beta-carotene the precursor of vitamin A. Carrots help to clear spots and blemishes and help boost the skins resistance to UV light. Combined with pineapple the juice helps to stimulate digestion and regulate the metabolism.

Process the carrots and pineapple together in the juicer.

Melon Skin Refresher

A thirst quenching juice that refreshes the body. Excellent on hot summer days, the combination of fruits is good for calming inflammation and moistening the tissues. Parsley is rich in nutrients especially iron to bring a healthy glow to pale complexion.

Combine all together in the juicer and process.