AcnEase Affiliate Program

Are you an entrepreneur, or budding entrepreneur looking to make an extra $1000+/month?

If your answer is YES, then, we'll show you HOW-TO EASILY tap into a $70 billion US market of natural treatments.

60 million people in the US have acne. Our one-of-a-kind Botanical Therapeutics® skincare products, AcnEase®, have a success rate of 96%, enabling you to make a very lucrative income.

This $70 billion US market of natural treatments is increasing significantly since the average age of the acne sufferer is 26.5 years old - it is no longer a teenage problem, but an adult problem too. Help acne sufferers get clear skin naturally and smile all the way to the bank!

As an affiliate/referrer (or distributor), you can promote our products on your website or blog, via search engines, by doing reviews, postings in online forums, posting links on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn or recording videos for YouTube.

Apply to the AcnEase Affiliate Program on ShareSale today! We offer 10% commission and a 60-day tracking gap.

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  • There is a high margin in the resale of AcnEase. The product is sold in monthly regimens with the average unit sale of $139.00. Over 60% of the customers are repeat buyers for up to 3 months and over 38% of the customers make a repeat monthly purchase for over 6 months.
  • The average age of the acne sufferer has increased to 26.5 - and adult hormonal acne is on the rise with no product to address this issue, as no topical product can really treat or prevent adult acne. This is where AcnEase comes in.
  • Our digital presence is growing rapidly, including being an expert resource for and being recommended on the #1 trusted acne source and by YouTube beauty guru and acne sufferer Cassandra Bankson.
  • The product has been featured in the Journal of Dermatology and New Generalist - two highly regarded medical publications in Great Britain as the recommended only all-botanical ingredients based acne treatment.

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AcnEase Affiliate Program FAQ

Q: How does your affiliate program work?

A: Our affiliate program is very easy to use. Once you sign up for an account, you get a referral URL and an entire panel that you can of course access 24/7. If you do not want to use a text link, we have many banners available for you to hyperlink the URL.

Q: What URL do I use to log in to my account?

A: - on the top right column, you will see the box for affiliate login. You must login with your affiliate ID, not email, so remember when you sign up to keep that number handy.

Q: How do I change or reset my password?

A: Use the following link: /forgot_pass/

Q: How do I know when my account is active so that I can start earning money?

A: Once you sign up and you see the screen that says you’ve done so, you are ready to go!

Q: When are payments made, and how?

A: Payments are made on the last day of each month by check.

Q: Can I add another website into my affiliate account (myself being the same owner)?

A: You don’t even need to! Our site has tracking scripts that will automatically pick up on the person that came from YOUR link. So you can post the banners or links anywhere and we will be able to track them. Just make sure you use the banner ad codes in your control panel, and of course your link.

Q: How do I contact you directly?

A: For questions, please contact us at

We’re here to help you succeed!