Blemish (Fighting) Lotion

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(Daily and SOS Solution)

A lightweight lotion with benzoyl peroxide that helps fight acne from OUTSIDE while AcnEase Provides Long Lasting Treatment from the Insight.  EXCELLENT ADDITION TO ACNEASE.

May also be used as a spot SOS zit zapper.

  • Helps reduce breakouts and control acne
  • Non-comedogenic formula
  • Lightweight, fast absorbing and well penetrating lotion

After cleansing, apply with cotton q tip, cotton ball al pad to affected area. Use every day or every other day depending on Avoid eye area. Wash hands after applying. Slight flaking may occur. Discontinue or reduce frequency of usage if irritation is experienced. Follow with sun protection ULTRA TINT (30 SPF). Use one or twice a day on cysts and larger breakouts. Once a day on smaller breakouts.

For clients never having used benzoyl peroxide, recommend patch testing first in a small area on the face or neck. For external use only. Do not use this product if you are allergic or sensitive to benzoyl peroxide. Avoid contact with eyes, lips, and mouth. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water. Avoid unnecessary sun exposure. If in rare instances a mild irritation occur, lower the frequently of using the product. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical attention| or contact a poison control center right away.


This active ingredient helps kill acne bacteria on the surface of skin by forcing peroxide into the sebaceous opening where it releases oxygen, thereby neutralizing and reducing acne bacteria. It also suppresses the level of irritating fatty acids in sebum to help reduce infection.

  • Acne prone
  • Active acne
  • Oily
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