Toxin-Free Skincare

Herborium Group and Dominic A Brandy, MD, and highly recognized American plastic surgeon, and President of the Skin Center in Pittsburgh as well as highest ranked Med Spas chain on East and West Coasts, have joined forces to develop and introduce an unique, tested, ultimately safe and suitable for all different skin types, age, genders, ethnic characteristics and consumer needs- skincare line that represents a breakthrough in TOXIN FREE, yet HIGHLY EFFICIENT COMPREHENSIVE SKINCARE. The line has NO harmful chemicals like parabens, fragrances, and phthalates that are commonly used in skincare lines. This complete product line addresses ALL needs of different types of skins and provides solutions for all more and less common skin problems. It is an answer to a high demand formulated by most educated consumers and most discerning skin professionals to get the best results with no negative impact. You have asked for it - here it comes to give you most beautiful and healthy skin no matter who you are, where do ou live and what do you need.

Each element that goes into our products has a three or less score according to the Environmental Working Group website ( A score of 3 or less for an ingredient is considered exceptionally low toxicity. The score uses a 1-10 scoring system with one being the least toxic. The majority of the ingredients in this skincare line are incredibly scored as 1 (least toxic).

We hope you will use this skincare line to keep your skin (the largest and ultimately multi-functional organ in the body) healthy, beautiful and protected from all detrimental factors such as aging, environmental pollution, hormonal imbalance , skin and other diseases and others. You can use a full line or select the products most suitable for your needs. All products in the line are complementary to AcnEase, support our acne fighting regimens and accentuate and increase their efficacy. They can also stand on their own merit providing healthy skin with powerful antiaging and resilience capabilities. 

We welcome your questions, comments and opinions. Dr. Agnes and Dr Brandy.